5 Soft Skills to Build Your Career

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Every young professional needs qualified soft skills to be able to compete in the world of work. The reason is that academic scores and hard skills alone are not enough for them to survive and achieve good career development.

Critical Thinking

You can practice this soft skill by reading a lot of books and conducting debates and discussions. These two activities are very helpful in developing critical thinking soft skills.

Reading can help you get to know more vocabulary, broaden your horizons, and also deepen your knowledge on various topics.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a soft skill that is quite difficult for some people. Many people feel unable to speak in public. So, they decide to avoid it. However, if you want to be successful as a young professional, you must have the courage to conquer this soft skills. 

At first, public speaking may seem scary. However, the only way to master it is that you have to do it as often as possible. Eventually, you’ll get used to it.

Good communication

You can start by being a good listener. When one listens to another person talk, most people will focus on what to say next, not what is being said.

Through learning to start listening well, then you will also be able to learn to speak well, when you have mastered both then you will be able to become a good communicator.


Having a wide network is very important in building a career. The wider the network you build, the more opportunities for you. Expanding the network is not difficult. You can do it anywhere and anytime. More importantly, never miss an event that allows you to expand your network. 


Not everyone likes to be a leader. But in terms of career, these soft skills are must-haves if you want to succeed and be successful. How to train leadership soft skills? All you have to do is be brave first. You have to be ready to be a leader whenever the opportunity comes your way.

If given the opportunity to lead a project, accept the challenge. In fact, it would be even better if you could recommend yourself.

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