C Level Executive Search Process

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After learning about C Level executive search, it is necessary to understand the step-by-step process. It’s not your typical recruitment process, but it’s nothing to worry about too much. Read about all the things you need to know here to be best executive recruiters in jakarta.

Find Executive Search Firm

Since the C-Level position is high-risk, the recruitment process needs to be done thoroughly. The quality of the C-level executive could affect the whole company. That’s why a third-party executive search firm is needed in this process. Commonly, the firm will also ask to sign an exclusive contract. Things like engagement timing, off-limits agreement, and the hiring process are discussed to reach an agreement.

Launch Meetings

As for the hiring process, the hiring firm and relevant clients will have to discuss about the requirements. This also includes board members, senior executive team, peers, and subordinates. This process is necessary to gather information about qualifying candidates. In this process, the executive search firm will take notes and also offer an external point of view that will help the company hire the right person.

Creating Research Strategy

The next thing to do is research. The search firm needs to have a strategy for hiring the right person. It might also involve mapping relationships and conducting original research to identify candidates. The search firm will also have its own database to create a query of qualifying candidates. Modern search firms might also use social networks such as LinkedIn to gather potential candidates.

Creating Position and Qualifying the Candidates

The next thing in C level executive search is to create a position and detailed job description. Along with relationships and objectives. The search firm will also create candidate specifications details. This includes competencies, experiences, soft skills, and other supporting factors. This document then will be proposed to the client and once they approve, the search firm could continue to the next step.

Interview Process

After finding potential candidates, the search firm will then initiate an interview session. The interview has to be thorough and in-depth. Things like career history, honor, and SWOT analysis are necessary to be included in this interview. This helps the search firm to establish a profile for each candidate before writing them and presenting the profile to the client. Once the client agrees to it, the process move on to the client interviews.

That is all about the C level executive search process. It is a long and detailed process that is necessary to gain a quality person for the position.

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