Career Counsellor vs Life Coach


The range of responsibilities and education are different for life coach and career counsellor. While life coaches work with many aspects of a person’s personal life, career counsellors are more concerned with professional concerns. While life coaches sometimes need a few months of training, career counsellors hold a master’s degree.

Bachelor’s degree holders in psychology may occasionally be able to get entry-level jobs in career counseling. People interested in such professions may find it useful to have a background in psychology. Understanding psychology-related themes like motivation, goal setting, and personality can be helpful for career counselors since they are so important.

Key Differences

Despite the fact that both professions assist individuals in making future decisions, their fields of expertise are different. While there may be some crossover between these two, the emphasis is typically different.

Career Counsellor:

  • Decide on a career
  • Choose a job path for the future
  • Boost the job-search abilities
  • Strive to resolve issues through negotiation
  • Enjoy the existing position further
  • Choose whether to go in a different professional route

At pivotal junctures in life, including when students are getting ready to graduate or when working people are considering a new career, these specialists may be quite helpful.

Life Coach:

  • Make plans and set objectives for individual’s life
  • Increase individual’s self-awareness
  • Set limits and a work-life balance
  • Teach them a self-care
  • Boost their connections and interpersonal skills
  • Look for interests and hobbies

In addition, they frequently have different backgrounds in training and education. As we have discussed before, career consellors must have a bachelor’s degree or higher in counseling, psychology, or a closely related subject. The majority of experts in this industry have master’s degrees in counseling, and many have National Career Development Association certifications (NCDA).

However, life coaches can get certified by the International Coach Federation after just a few months of study. Some life coaches, though, could be more experienced than this.

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